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What you can be supported by ManufactoryOnline.com

More Choices for fabric
Fabrics will be considered by 83% clients, when they purchase sportswear. Showing fabric chart to clients helped our partners get 20% sportswear orders more. Contact us get fabric chart.
High Quality With Global Standards
Patterns will be considered by 85% people, before they buy sportswear. Wearing clothing before purchase helped our partner increase orders 15%. Leave your message get free patterns file and free sample.
Colors control in sublimation
Sublimation is a very good way to printing shading colors. Our technology can control the color matched in 90%. You can match the color by simple color chart or pantone color number. Contact us to get simple color chart.

Keep apparel designs secret
Apparel designs are revealed easily, we can help keep your apparel designs secret.
Punctual delivery time control
Delivery time is very important for team wear & sportswear for competition. Manufactory online know the important for clients seriously. Embfan are doing a lot of jobs to control the delivery time and keep all of people happy.
Low prices Direct from Factory
ManufactoryOnline.com (EMBFAN) has 10 years' experience on custom made sportswear and accessories, It will help us Eliminating unnecessary costs and delivering the lowest possible prices to customers. For price list please leave message.