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Everybody knows that cutting down the cost possible if importing products from China, But you will meet these problems as an importer.

1. Hard to find the right one in lots of suppliers. (similar products but price have a large range)
2. Cost a lot of money and time on find suppliers, Shipping samples to confirm and travel to China to visit some different factories.
3. The quality can’t stand on same level, They are changed some time. Give you more headaches.
4. Hard to communicate
5. Can’t control the production time
6. The quality of products can’t control, You only know that after you receive the container.

How to make the outsourcing process more smoothly in China?  That is our business. 

What we can do:

1. We can help you to find the right supplier based on the quality and price requirement.(Quality, Price, Service & Punctual are points we based)
2. To compare the quality of samples from different suppliers and take some picture to show you.
3. Accompany you on a visit to target factories.
4. Help you to communicate and sign a contract with suppliers
5. Control the quality during the production term
6. Tracing the production time and delivery time.
7. As a warrantor for your business in China.

Contact us today, When you need to import from China. We can be your purchase agent in China with a low cost.

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