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The Colour Control Of Sublimation Sportswear(#311)

Date:Feb 13, 2014


The colour control of sublimation sportswear orders is very critical.

The colour of sportswear will give our customers the fisrt impression on our quality. Good colour of logos and designs can transfer the advertizing value better.


How to match the colour?

1) If get the request of pantone colour numbers, the designer will get the closest CMYK and print a small sample. Then we match the small sample with pantone colour chart to make sure they are the same.

2) If there is no pantone colour numbers or no samples for us. We can print directly according to the designs.

3) If we need to do a repeat order, we will match colour of sample with our big fabric colour chart to get the closet CMYK.

However, we can’t avoid the small colour difference in the process of printing.

All the colour was matched by “C””M””Y””K”. So we can’t make sure the colour exactly the same as pantone colour chart.

Some colour difference will appear even in the same order. Because the final colour effect of sportswear are affected by temperature and moisture in some ways.

Certainly, we will try our best to avoid the colour difference.

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