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Why We Use Sublimation To Custom Sportswear?(#112)

Date:Feb 12, 2014

What is custom sportswear requirement?

  1. Name and Number will be reqiurement

  2. Many different sponsor logos need to add on sportswear

  3. lots different colors and  shading colors may added to make your team special

  4. Good quality to control

  5. Control the cost for budget tight

Benefits of sublimation:

  1. Numbering can be done when printing eliminating the need to have hot sweaty plastic numbers on the back.

  2. Logos, names, numbers and sponsors can be included in the design in full color.

  3. Design is virtually unlimited, from simple shapes and colors to blends, shadows and photographic images.

  4. Garments do not fade and printing does not crack.

  5. Some times: Price can be cheaper than tradition-paneled garments with the additional costs of embroidery, numbers, lettering and screen-printing.

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