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How To Design Colors For Sublimated Jerseys(#1131)

Date:Feb 13, 2014

If you have a good sportswear designer, he/she will help you to success in the competitive market. If the color cannot match well based on designer’s idea, the sublimated jerseys is hard to attractive your clients.  

To Produce perfect sublimated jerseys which is based on designers' idea, We have to keep the colors under control.

There are two type of colors: One is solid color the other is shading colors.

For solid color it is very easy to match based on pantone color number.

For shading colors,  some people don’t know we noticed that some shading colors have some basic colors. We can change them to solid colors to match.

This way avoids print directly shading effect in sublimated jerseys without color control. In sublimation colors will be very easy to be changed with different machine or heat press machine. So the color have to get a reference to match. 

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