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FAQ about Custom Heat Transfer(#4321)

Date:Feb 03, 2014

Contacting with heat transfer for some time, I was frequently asked by several questions. Here I’m pleased to share my experience and knowledge. Hope it’s helpful to you.
1. What result will be if logo is away from heat transfer sheet?If we set the temperature too high and time longer while production, logo will be separated from the transfer sheet, which causes transfer surface not flat and smooth.

 2. Why our heat transfer is thicker?

Firstly, heat transfer is durable with thicker glue and it resists longer washing;
Secondly, it’s hard to judge & make clear various kinds of fabric, so thicker glue avoids many problems;
Lastly, the special treatment applied to prevent color shown through in polyester clothing adds its thickness.


3. How long does heat transfer last and is it durable?

If the storage condition is correct, heat transfer can last 1-2 years. Please store it in a cool dry place, packed well and put a paper between them.

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