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How To Use Embfan Invoice System(#616)

Date:Feb 05, 2014

You maybe have received many invoices from our company but you still haven’t know how to use the system we start for our cooperation.
Now let us share some tips to use this system well.

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A. How to see all your invoices
First, we should know how to check all your invoices happened in our company.
When you received the email about your invoices, just like the picture show you below
After you click this link in the red box, you can see your invoices which need you to pay off.
And if you want to see all your invoices, you can just click the ALL INVOICES. While if you want to let this invoice be the PDF or print it you can just click these buttons.

B. How to check your balance in this system
If you want to know how much money you own us or want to know how much money your advanced payment still has, you can also just click the button named HOME, the red box in the picture below.
Then you will see the picture just like the below, which show you the money you should pay and your advanced money leave in our company.  Of course, some basic information about our company.

C. How to alter your information in this system
Meanwhile if you want to alter your information like as you new phone number, new address and so on.  You can click the button PROFILE on the right hand in the pictures.
Then you will know how to alter your message.

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