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A Way Helps You Making Your Clients More Loyalty

From:Embfan Date:Jul 27, 2012

Nice decorations as embroidery/woven/PVC/metal badges & heat transfer are well printed on one t-shirt.

Attachment is a picture of special T-shirt, It can help you get some profits resources and make your clients more loyalty.


It can be showing to your clients to help you to explain some products to your clients. Like woven labels, Heat press printing, Woven badges and Embroidery badges.


It can help you to get some different orders and it will help you to get more profits.


If you want to get the sample, reply to us. Our assistant will help you.

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How to make perfect sample T-shirt Video: http://www.embfan.com/VIDEO/191.html

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Thanks for Cyril sharing photo :)
embroidery and printing sample

Thanks for David sharing photo :)
embroidery badge

Thanks for HBE sharing photo :)
transfer printing

Thanks for Terry & John sharing photo :)

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