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From:embfan Date:Feb 11, 2014

Tidy and sturdy seams/cooldry mesh fabric
Fabric Function
About the cool dry mesh fabric 1.Cool dry mesh fabric with good absorption and evaporation moisture, from the exclusion of movement, to ensure that the body is dry! 2.Water drop on the cotton, other normal fabric and cool dry mesh fabric,let's see the effect.

Details Show
Details show  1.Cool dry mesh fabric to keep your body dry!  2.Mesh fabric: more comfortable to wear than cotton fabric!

Kind Note: 

1)Fabric swatches for your choice, click here.

2)Embroidery badge,woven tags, heat transfer, metal badge, PVC badge can be put into same package as your requests.

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1) DHL by 3-5 days;

2) Postal package with tracking number by 15-20 days. 


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