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From:Jodie Date:Sep 12, 2012

      At present, Embfan provides 4 series of products and 2 kinds of services to you. Our products include heat transfer, badges, clothing accessories and custom made clothing. Our products will meet your customers’ needs in a simplest way.

                                                            Our Products
      Following are the characteristics of our products.

      Firstly, the logo is designed according to your requirement.

      Sencondly, our products are easily to put on in different places.

      Thirdly, we have quick turnaround time.

      Fourthly, our products will make your clothes pretty and valuable.

      Fifthly, our products are in wide ues, including clothes, hats, bags, etc.

                                                             Our Services
      Vector service and embroidery digitizing are our main services. By vector service and embroidery digitizing, you can preview your custom products and get your desired one in a short time.

      If you are interested, just feel free to contact us to obtain some free samples by email: order1@embfan.com .

     Below is a transfer picture, I hope you will like it.

Add convenient for your business

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